Stories to Tell

Sarah & Company owner Sarah Artis is available to speak on a number of professional topics related to writing, content creation, communications, strategy, systems and more. She also speaks about some personal topics and big life lessons.

Read about Sarah Artis’ story, philosophies, and work and life experience on our Meet the Boss page. And go ahead! Google her. We know you will.

Just don’t judge all her ‘My kids are making me crazy’ Facebook posts. Sarah’s human like everyone else and she isn’t afraid to show it. That’s what makes her such a good speaker.

Sarah is personable, well-spoken and educated on her topics. She hits it home and keeps it real.

Very informative, great voice, great message and great educator. Very personable and passionate about material taught. My only complaint is that I want to know more.

Sarah was a really engaging speaker with valuable, easy to implement information and strategies to share.

Why Sarah Artis?

Keeps It Real

Sarah Artis speaks from the heart. She’s direct, she’s honest, and she can connect with people from all walks of life. Sarah doesn’t hide her mistakes or shy away from talking about the nitty, gritty, embarrassing moments and details of her life and work. Instead she uses this material to help her audience feel comfortable, laugh and learn.

Intimate & Interactive

Sarah prefers to speak to smaller groups, so she can interact with the people she’s talking to. As part of her presentations, she aims to facilitate discussions among audience members. If there’s time, she also includes exercises which allow participants to self-reflect about the material they are learning. You’ll leave understanding how the material pertains to your own life, organization and career, and how to put it into action immediately. 

Professional & Personal

Sarah’s personal and professional lives are blended, and she finds that much of what she learns in her work applies to her personal life and vice versa. So Sarah’s talks mix stories, philosophies and lessons from both her work and life experiences.

Professional Topics

  • Keep It Simple
  • Copy that Connects
  • Visibility & Local Media
  • Empathy & Communications
  • Conducting a Communications Audit
  • Strategic Planning the Right Way
  • Communication Mistakes Costing you $$$
  • How to Communicate Northern-Style
  • Newsletters People Actually Want to Read
  • Values & Visioning Sessions

Personal Topics

  • Life & Work: Small Town vs. Big City
  • A Settler’s Journey: Working with First Nations
  • Highs & Lows of Entrepreneurship
  • Staying True to Your Values in Business
  • Best of Depressed: Managing (& Laughing) about Depression
  • Being a Momma & a Business Owner
  • Haters Gonna Hate. Be Weird. Be Yourself.

Upcoming & Recent Appearances

Canadian Public Relations Society National Conference 
‘Working with First Nations: A Settler’s Journey’
In Edmonton, June 2019 

Canadian Public Relations Society Building Blocks
Northern Lights Chapter, Professional Development Mini Conference
‘Working with First Nations: A Settler’s Journey’
In Prince George, May 2019

Terrace Shamrock 4-H Club 
‘Public Speaking Tips’
In Terrace, March 2019 

Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce 
‘Don’t be a Party Pooper: 10 Communications Mistakes Costing You $$$’ Lunch & Learn
In Terrace, Fall 2018

Terrace Women’s Resource Centre
‘Ups & Downs of Entrepreneurship’, National Women’s Day Celebration
In Terrace, Spring 2018

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