I don’t want to be a member of Prozac Nation

Prozac Nation
TitleI don’t want to be a member of Prozac Nation
PublicationThe Globe and Mail, Canada

What It's About

I used to think it was normal to drive home from work and cry until you could summon up the strength to go inside. Others told me they had days like that too. But when I couldn’t get out of bed without crying at the thought of having to get dressed, go to work and pretend everything was okay – that was when I knew I needed help.

A personal essay about my real-life struggle with depression and my fear of taking antidepressants.

This article is from a long time ago but it’s still one I feel so proud of it. It was the first time I spoke so openly about my depression and I was in a very vulnerable position. Since writing this piece, I’ve realized I need medication to manage my moods and will likely be on antidepressants for the rest of my life.

I’m perfectly happy with that now as I’ve found some meds that really work for me and I’m so thankful they exist. I also speak openly about my depression as much as possible. First, to overcome any shame and stigmas. Second, in case someone out there is suffering, they will know they are not alone.

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